About Moni

Moni Morelly was born in Gyöngyös, Hungary. She grew up in the Budapest studio of her father, painter József Molnár (1922-2014), next to the Gellért Hill and the “Bottomless Lake”. Drawing and painting came naturally to her as a child. Some of her early drawings were published in a Hungarian weekly. In 1999 she moved with her family to Szigetszentmárton, a romantic little village on the banks of the river Danube. She worked here as a music and English teacher. In 2014, after her father’s death, she started to draw again and to create digital graphics.

Moni’s main subject is the magic and wonder of everyday life. She looks at the landscape on the banks of the “Little Danube” as a fairy tale world. She draws her inspiration for her creations from the impressions gathered here. In her works, all figures are of equal rank: the ant, the snail, the swan, the trees, the flowers or her own house, dogs and cats. The pictures portray an idyllic atmosphere: they comfort and calm, and express peace, harmony and joyfulness.

After several exhibitions of her works, she now illustrates children’s books, and designs various kinds of products, such as clothing, tiles and tableware. Some of her artworks are on display at www.monimorelly.com and on SaatchiArt.com.